When an elite athlete suffers a knee injury, they get the best possible care from top surgeons nationwide. Today, OrthoPooler delivers that same level of skill and service for young athletes and for men and women who work and play as if they were kids, performing “all-inside” minimally-invasive ACL surgery right here in Pooler and Savannah.

The Most Advanced Techniques in ACL Surgery

The anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, is one of the major structures of the knee, providing  most of the knee’s rotational stability. Injuries that require ACL surgery are caused by twisting and turning—that’s why they are so common among those who play football or soccer, or who ski or play golf.

Knee injuries aren’t exclusive to athletes, of course. There are plenty of people walking around with ACL tears that may or may not be symptomatic. Most will eventually complain of instability. The harder you work and play, the more likely you are to need a repair. (Undiagnosed ACL injuries have been associated with an increased risk for arthritis.)

Orthopedic surgeons have been performing ACL surgery for over a century, but the technology has improved dramatically in recent years. Companies like Arthrex are providing skilled surgeons like Dr. Mark Winchell with tools that make this technically demanding procedure simpler and safer, with much more predictable results.

Reconstructive ACL Surgery in Pooler

Dr. Mark Winchell performs the most-advanced ACL surgery available today, improving on the traditional method (which produced a bigger scar and extended recovery times). The procedure is known as “all-inside” ACL reconstruction, available exclusively in Pooler through OrthoPooler

Gone are the days of the zippered knee—you have seen the scars—at OrthoPooler, we perform “all-inside” “all-arthroscopic” ACL reconstruction, a minimally-invasive procedure that yields greater rotational stability than obsolete methods still preferred by other local surgeons.

Dr. Winchell accesses the ligament through four tiny poke wounds. Failures are rare (versus 40% and higher for more traditional methods). Most importantly, our patients experience much less post-operative pain and significantly reduced time in rehab.

ACL Revision to Eliminate Post-Surgical Pain

No one should have to endure two procedures when a single procedure should be sufficient, and yet traditional ACL surgery fails at a rate of about 40%.

Dr. Winchell can help these patients as well.

As early as three to four months post-op and usually within the first year, many patients who undergo traditional ACL surgery report instability, lingering pain, and swelling. Often, they will require a second procedure—or revision—to correct problems that the surgeon was not able to address.

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As a competitive runner and cyclist, Dr. Mark Winchell’s goal is always to get our patients back in the game, living pain-free, and performing at the level to which they are accustomed. We work with young athletes, with middle-aged men and women who work and play as if they were kids, and with older patients who hope to remain active throughout their golden years.


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